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Art Smith has played in the music business seems like a hundred years. But not since “Boatcake” has he been doing the kinda thing he's wanted to try for the last 15 years - some
”A” side acoustic with a few “B” side mixed in – and the fun part: stripping down some songs you'd never expect in an acoustic duo and hope the audience says, “Holy –S&*T that's cool stuff” Favs include Clapton, Hornsby, Eagles, Sinatra, Montgomery Gentry, Mellancamp -from classic to blues, country to standards.

  Anyway, playing the piano and singing to people is Art's passion, is his first best friend, and lets him enter his comfort
zone – yes, yes, yes a corny joke now and then and the every now and again silly made up songs on the spot, doesn't it beg the question, “Bars pay these guys?” Come take a listen, we'll be glad you did, we'll leave the lights on….and we
like Bass Ale….alot!

Patrick Cozzolino has been playing in various original and cover bands for a few years now. Influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Allman Brothers, and various blues artists.  These past years Pat has focussed on vocals and also throws in some harmonica.  Pat plays with a
ton of feeling and uses music as an avenue for self-expression.  You might even hear a growl
or two both vocally and from his instruments.

One thing Pat really dislikes is creating quirky blurbs for websites.  He'd much rather you come

  to a show, throw back a couple stiff drinks, and enjoy. 


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